Mom Opens Up About ʙᴜʟʟʏɪɴɢ Her Daughter With Birthmark On Her Face

Because of a non-standard birthmark, a one-year-old girl is either ridiculed or pitied with all her might, and her mother cannot come to terms with this. The woman is sure: such a feature is not a defect but a “kiss of an angel.” Now she wants to show everyone that wine stains are beautiful and should not be hidden.

Marianne Bowering is a 27-year-old resident of Adelaide (Australia) who works as a beautician and raises a daughter named Angelica with her husband Corey. The baby is only a year old, but, even if she herself does not know this, she already has fans and haters on the Internet.

The fact is that Angelica was born with an unusual purple birthmark on her face. This feature is called a port-wine stain, a flaming nevus, or even an angel kiss, and it is associated with the wrong location and development of capillaries.

Doctors consider such spots to be one of the most harmless vascular pathologies since they do not affect the internal organs. Port-wine stains are most common on the face, but they can appear anywhere on the body.

The baby’s mother told the Daily Mail that she and her husband were not at all worried about their daughter, as soon as they were convinced that the spot was not associated with any developmental delays and did not affect her eyes. Angelica is completely healthy and undergoes regular check-ups.

Marianna lovingly perceives the stain on her daughter’s face, and of all the names for him, she prefers “Angel’s kiss.” She believes that this is part of the girl’s unique beauty that needs to be shown to people and not kept shy and hidden.

The woman even created an Instagram page for Angelica to show that birthmarks are not a defect. “I think it’s important to tell people about this condition and normalize it in society. We too rarely see people with such features on TV and in the newspapers.”

But not all commentators on social networks calmly perceive Angelica’s birthmark. Haters and trolls often leave comments under the girl’s photos, which cause her mother to become uneasy. “They literally abuse the child. She is not yet two years old, and it’s just disgusting.”

Some of the bad jokes found on the baby’s page look just awful. “Lol, this is why you shouldn’t leave your baby in the oven for too long.” “Did they press her face into the pan?” “Everyone will look at her and laugh at her, and not a single guy will like her. I would be sad if this was my child.” Commentators often say that Angelica’s face scares them and that she will never have a boyfriend. And some people do not understand why a mother puts her daughter on display and seems to show off her features.

In addition, many people express sympathy for the baby and her parents or make embarrassing compliments. “What I hate the most is when people tell me that she can just put on makeup when she’s older. Why should she hide it? I don’t want to hide my daughter from people because of this. I think she is beautiful.”

Marianne is annoyed when commentators on the Internet write that her daughter is “beautiful anyway,”  because such compliments mean “despite the defect.” As her daughter grows older, the woman is going to show her that the “port wine stain” makes her beautiful and unique and that her special appearance is something to be proud of. At the same time, Marianne, of course, worries about Angelica. “I’m worried about what she might encounter at school. I hope that by that time people will be more educated and enlightened.”

However, this mother definitely believes in her daughter. “She is such a brave little girl, and she is not afraid of anything. I’m sure she can handle everything. She is more than her birthmark. She is a person.”

A mother blogger from the USA is also fighting for her daughter’s right to be special. The woman allowed the three-year-old baby not to use a comb, and now her hair looks very unusual. That’s just for such a hairstyle, people accuse the girl’s mother of racism and child abuse.

Well, another girl put a special mark on her face with her own hands. The streamer was sure that the temporary tattoo would be washed off quickly and easily, and then she found out how much she actually had to walk with him – and was horrified.

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