Awesome Pics of Smiling Babies – So Cute

The image of babies more than 10 days old curled up in sleep with a half-smiling mouth was captured by a photographer.

Sandi Ford is a famous female photographer in London. She is considered a leading expert in keeping the smiles of newborn babies.

Sandi Ford captures babies curled up in sleep in all sorts of positions on their backs, sides or stomachs. Either way, the babies are smiling cutely.

The babies pictured range in age from 10 days or more to about a month old.

Sandi Ford said that when photographing a child, she always tries to capture the baby’s spirit so that viewers can easily imagine the child’s personality.

This mother of three loves and takes pride in her work. “I love my job and nothing makes me happier than taking beautiful pictures that capture the child’s personality,” Sandi Ford said.

With each client, she always listens to their stories. Therefore, she captures the most beautiful pictures of a child’s first life.

She hopes these photos will be seen by families as a precious memory and passed down through generations.

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