You’re My Baby Forever, But My Newborn For Now

Being a mother is physically and emotionally exhausting in the first few months after your baby’s birth. However, there’s no denying that it comes with its own set of perks. If you are a mom who has recently given birth and has a newborn at home, know that this newborn stage isn’t going to last forever. It may seem like the sleepless nights and the diaper duties are never going to end anytime soon, but it’s best to savor these precious moments you have with your baby now. Your little one is going to be your baby forever no matter how big they become. You will enjoy every phase of motherhood as they grow from a newborn to a toddler, and even as they enter preschool and learn to be a bit independent.

Below, we’ve rounded up 5 things that you would definitely wanna savor while your little one is still a newborn:

  1. Being A Mama Bear

As your baby gets older, you wouldn’t be able to be there for them all the time. You will soon have to drop them off at their daycare or with a nanny. Someone else will be taking the responsibility of watching over and looking after your baby in your absence.

Of course, it would be nice to get a break from mommy duties at least for a while, but you will miss taking care of your baby and being with them all the time.

  1. Not Worrying About Prepping Meals

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding may have its own struggles, but you won’t have to worry about prepping breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for your newborn. As your baby grows, you will have to think of meals that suit their ever-evolving palette.

And don’t get us started on having to deal with a picky eater. Your baby’s meals are sorted for the first six months of their life, and you realize how mess free it has been during those days.

  1. Smelling Your Baby

No parent can forget the sweet smell of their newborn every time they smell their baby’s head. The sweet newborn smell is something that you are definitely going to miss after a while.

So, get a whiff of that intoxicating scent every chance you get. Because pretty soon, they will be playing in the mud, covered in dirt, and will have a different body odor. Most moms feel at ease every time they smell their newborn baby. But sadly, this phase doesn’t last long. So, take it all in while you still can.

  1. They Will Stay At One Place

Once they are past the newborn phase and start crawling and moving, you will have a hard time getting hold of them. Truth is, as they become a bit more independent and start moving, they never stop.

You will forget what it’s like to lie in peace without worrying about where they are all the time. From picking weird things off the floor and putting it in their mouth to their constant need to run on all fours towards anything that screams danger, you can bid adieu to power naps and showering in peace.

  1. They Make For The Perfect Excuse To Stay In

If you play the “I just had a baby” card right, you will get a free pass to stay in.

Whether it’s a family function, a birthday party of a distant cousin, or even a night out with your friends when you’re not up for it, your newborn will save you from any occasion or party you don’t want to go to. You get to lie down in your pajamas and simply enjoy being at home.

So, cherish and savor the moments you have with your newborn. Snuggle them as much as you can. Because soon they will be wriggling out of your arms and will be eager to explore the world and their newfound freedom.

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