Woman Pregnant With Twins Shows Off Huge Baby Bump That’s ‘Stretched To The Max’

Twins may be double the fun but they also take double the space during pregnancy – just ask this mum. Graves, who is 36 weeks pregnant, has shared the struggle in a TikTok video showing her swollen pregnancy belly that is currently housing twins.

Even though she’s pregnant with twins, Charlotte Graves’ belly is so big it’s making many wonder if there are two more babies hiding in there.

Charlotte shares her pregnancy journey, but also her daughter’s upbringing through videos on Tik Tok. In a recent video, she showed a photo of herself before she became pregnant with her twins and her followers were shocked by how much her body had changed in the last few months.

The happy mother, who is 36 weeks pregnant, said, “I’m absolutely stretched to the max now and so ready for their arrival.” The video has garnered over eight million views and countless supportive comments, with many congratulating her on her courage and the power of a woman’s body during pregnancy.

“A woman’s body is just amazing that it can house two babies. Go mumma!!!!” one commenter said.

“Ma’am are you okay? Clearly they need to pay you for rent, praying for healthy babies and delivery mommas!!!” another commenter added.

“Man, it is wild bodies can accommodate 2 kiddos in such a drastic way. you’re glowing mama!” One supportive view commented.

Other viewers wished the soon-to-be mum a safe delivery. “How are you still standing! Good luck rest of pregnancy and have a safe delivery.”

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