Woman Gives Birth To Her Baby In A Gas Station Bathroom Alone, Dubbed “Superwoman”

When a woman becomes pregnant, she knows that the moment of delivery can come at any time. At the first check-up with the obstetrician, they are informed of the probable date of birth. Unless it is a scheduled cesarean section for some particular reason, the rest must wait for the baby to decide to come out when she wants. This is what happened to a young American woman who gave birth in a service station bathroom.

Both she and her partner were traveling very calmly on an American route. The couple had been in Houston for a few days and were preparing to return to Victoria. It was a normal journey they were taking when they were surprised with the happy news half way. Tiktoker Kaitlyn Fullerton Mancera began to feel weird, so she asked her husband to stop her car so she could go to the bathroom. According to her, she told her on social networks that she had a strange “feeling” when she asked them to stop the march.

She just needed a moment, but she never suspected it would turn into 10 minutes of labor in a Beasley service station bathroom. The woman practically ran down to the toilets of the place. “I kept feeling like I was under pressure because every time I stood up, I kind of drew water,” she explained in a video she uploaded to her account. Images of Kaitlyn and her newborn baby in front of the toilet went viral within minutes.

The video with the happy moment has almost 20 million views. Many TikTok users congratulated her. Others showed their surprise at the rarity of what happened to her. Exceeding a million likes, the story of this happy marriage goes around the world and never ceases to excite the community.

“You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it happen,” is the phrase Kaitlyn Fullerton Mancera used to post the recording on TikTok. She is seen excited with her little baby in her arms inside the bathroom of the service station. As explained by the local media, her discomfort was contractions, which became more and more intense as soon as she opened the door of the toilet. It was some customers of the place who noticed that something strange was happening, so the young woman did not hesitate to ask them for help.

The first thing they did was tell her husband that he was still in the car without knowing what was happening. The second thing they did was to call the emergency services so that they could come to assist her. “A woman showed up and she said to me, ‘Hey, your wife just gave birth.’ And I replied: What! Is it true?” explained her husband.

After the birth, they headed together to the Sugar Land hospital. There they were quickly treated and informed that, despite the place where the baby was born, he was in perfect health.

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