Woman Gives Birth In The Bathroom While Live-Streaming The Entire Moment

A mother of three gave birth to her fourth baby in the bathtub, unassisted, while broadcasting everything live. Just 35 minutes away, a beautiful and healthy baby girl was born.

The process of childbirth is not a spectacle for the faint of heart. The mother of three children decided to tickle the nerves of YouTube users and filmed the birth of her fourth baby, showing it live. From the beginning of labor to the birth of the girl, subscribers watched with bated breath how the miracle of the appearance of a new life was happening.

What prompted the mother of many children to such an extraordinary act and what comments she received from the amazed subscribers, find out from our material.

A mother of three children showed live the process of giving birth to her fourth baby at home. From the beginning of the unusual video to the appearance of the girl in the bathroom, it took only 35 minutes. This happened on March 14, 2019.

28-year-old Kara Baker from Missouri is the mother of three wonderful babies: Brailey (4 years old), Barrett (3 years old) and Ash (15 months). Together with her husband, 38-year-old Bruce, they decided to give birth to their youngest daughter at home, since the first birth of a woman, which took place in the hospital, was ᴛʀᴀᴜᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ.

In addition, at the first birth, the family had to pay a huge bill of $40,000 for all medical services. After that, they decided to give birth to their next child only at home.

In order to guide the birth of her fourth child, Kara decided to draw on the experience of the births of her previous three children and advice from Youtube videos and film all the stages of childbirth, broadcasting the video live on her channel.

The unusual act was prompted by the sad experience of having their first child in a hospital. The woman says that everything was done there only for the sake of money, and not for a newborn baby. The birth was difficult; there was no experienced doctor on site, and the young mother lost her milk. And for all this, the parents had to pay a tidy sum.

Kara gave birth to her second child in a special center, in the water. Since that time, she has been on fire with the idea of giving birth to a baby live to show this natural process and receive advice from experienced mothers.

During her third pregnancy, the woman was constantly watching YouTube videos of others giving birth. This increased her self-confidence and gave her courage and strength. Kara also gave birth to a third baby in the water, in the same center as the previous one.

In the end, the mother of three was so inspired that she dared to give birth at home and filmed it. Husband Bruce supported the idea of ​​his wife and said that it would be better for older children who are left without parents for two days when the mother gives birth in the center.

Kara says that with the help of moms who fight taboos on the Internet, she will help others get rid of prenatal fears and be confident in themselves.

“I want to change people’s perspective on birth. Birth is not a medical event, should not be feared, and does not have to be painful. We are told what to do and what to think by businesses instead of listening to our bodies and birthing the way people have for thousands of years,” she said.

The woman claims that she was not nervous because she read a lot and constantly thought about meeting with the child. She succumbed to her natural instincts and trusted her own body. Before giving birth, Kara went on a special diet, eating only organic, healthy food and not paying attention to stressful situations.

The birth of a child is an earthly miracle. A woman at this moment should feel as comfortable and confident as possible so that everything goes well. But demonstrating this process live is a very bold and extraordinary decision. Perhaps this will help someone get rid of the fear of childbirth, but it is better for the faint of heart viewers not to watch this.

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