What Life Is Like When You Have Twins, Through 10 Unique Photos

Double Suffering: This is a mother’s double happiness. It is unique to share many moments with them as they grow. Two babies who are growing up have to face the same obligations and problems that come from everyday life. The same goes for their mother, who still has to deal with double demands from breastfeeding.

However, when they manage to be rudimentarily autonomous, they are a pole of attraction.

Apart from double suffering, the twins experience the same stimuli, play, and discover the world together.

They want to share everything and anything they find delicious with each other.

The “walk” to the supermarket necessarily needs both parents, as they face double suffering. The parents’ worst nightmare, however, must be synchronized crying.

Even the most mundane activities become better when you have company.

Even if they are twins, there will always be the “older” child who will trouble the younger one. We said, “It’s double trouble.”

When you have twins, you know that you are growing two identical but distinct individuals. Nonetheless, you can’t help but be tempted, at least at first, to exaggerate their resemblance to the same clothes.

Photographing a toddler is extremely difficult. Shooting two though… good luck!

Some argue that twins have a special psychic connection. The question may never be answered, but some are magically in sync with each other!

The first steps from the twins are the beginning of much “trouble.” That smile says it all!

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