What A Head Of Hair! A 9-Month-Old Boy’s Hairstyle Took Over The Internet

Some babies are born with just a few strands of hair, while others sport a respectable mane, but no hair is more impressive than that of little Junior Cox-Noon , an adorable toddler just 9-months old.

Meet Junior Cox-Noon. This is a 9-month-old baby born with a hair storm! He was born at Brighton General Hospital, and since then he has attracted the attention of everyone around him.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, his mother, Chelsea, said that when the boy was born, nurses informed her that his hair would fall out, a common occurrence among newborns. “Everyone told me this was going to happen, but it’s the opposite. He didn’t lose any hair. The hair just grows,” she said.

In a few weeks, he grew as much hair as the average adult does not have. In the hospital, he was dubbed the “Baby Bear” – all because of his thick hair.

Chelsea Noon, 32, dries the child’s hair with a hairdryer as it would take a long time to dry naturally. She also said that she currently spends more time at the supermarket because everyone wants to talk to the boy. “I spent two hours at the supermarket, before I only spent 40 minutes,” she said. The mother still jokes that the little boy likes all this attention since every time she tries to put on a cap he cries.

How is it possible? During pregnancy, the boy’s mother suffered from ʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙᴜʀɴ. According to scientists, over 80% of women who struggled with this ailment gave birth to children with above-average body hair.

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