We’re Four BFFs Who Got Pregnant At The Same Time-Twice

Pregnancy is a very important time for every woman. For better or for worse, considering the physical inconveniences that occur in many cases, the nine months the baby is in the ᴡᴏᴍʙ is a fantastic, unique, and unforgettable experience. All of this is amplified when special coincidences occur, like the one we are about to tell you about.

In this case, four friends experienced pregnancy at the same time. The story was made public on the TikTok profile of Maddie Castellano, a famous influencer, who recounted this extraordinary experience in voice and images.

Friends since they were in college, the four women have always fantasized, talked, and wished they had children, but never imagined that a coincidence like the one they experienced could happen.

Maddie Castellano posted the video of her and the three other friends on social media and shared that they all started trying to get pregnant at different times, but then luck kicked in and that all four ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇɪᴠᴇᴅ at the same time.

This means that they helped and supported each other throughout the gestation period, and once born, the children were able to grow and play together. “Ever since they were born, they’ve been best friends,” Maddie says in the video. “We do so many things together, and we often see each other to spend a few hours together.” Another very special situation to which was added another incredible surprise.

After the birth of the first four children, the women faced a second pregnancy at the same time.

“After our babies were born, another miracle happened: some of us found out that we were pregnant for the second time and, again, just months apart.” Thus, the second babies also gave their mothers the same emotions: they joined and overtook the group of fantastic little 4s.

A very particular situation excited the web, so much so that the video managed to collect around 7.5 million views. A very high number, but again, it could not be otherwise, given the particularity of the experience.

Such instances don’t happen often in birth history, but when they do, they always manage to evoke strong emotions, don’t you think?

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