Unexpected Things You Will Face On Your Baby’s First Night At Home

After eagerly waiting for nine whole months, there is no greater joy than bringing your baby home. But, the entire gamut of emotions you’re going through can sometimes leave you confused and indeed irritated. And if you’re a first-time mom, things may get difficult. Here are five things no one mentions about your first night home with the baby:

  1. You Might Perspire At Night

You will be up so many times in the night. The hormones do that to you, even if your newborn keeps sleeping most of the time and doesn’t wake you up. You will be surprised to find yourself soaked in sweat. Your hormones are learning to come back to normal. Take it in your stride and calm down.

  1. You Are Still Used To Lactating

Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a drenched top. What you also need to learn is to keep emptying your breasts. So, feeding your baby at regular intervals is also necessary. Nursing your baby helps you get used to holding your baby in the right position, understanding its hunger signals, and timing diaper changes with every cry.

  1. You’ll Stare At Your Baby For Hours

New babies’ faces, especially your own, are like fish tanks, you can spend hours just staring at them for no particular reason. All moms loved tracing the new baby’s face and taking in all the unique little features that he had inherited from either them or their partner.

  1. You Break Down Often

You are a bit of an emotional fool this time around. On one hand, you can’t believe that you are already a mother to the sweetest bundle of joy on earth, and on the other hand, you are amazed at all the right things and puzzled at all the bad things in the initial postpartum days, with the reactions carried forward through subsequent weeks as well.

  1. You Become More Alert And Organized

The arrival of a newbie teaches you some things. You suddenly start getting organized and disciplined. You are always alert so that you can check on your baby at any given instance. And yes, learning to sleep well starts to become yet another challenge!

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