Twin Sisters Got Pregnant At The Same Time And Gave Birth To Baby Girls On The Same Day

Twin sisters Celci and Delci from Arkansas shared the unique experience of pregnancy and childbirth at the same time as they gave birth to their baby girls in adjacent rooms on the same day!

Although their daughters were due in early February, just eight days apart, they both came into the world on January 31, about an hour apart. The newborn cousins, who are only a few days old, will now share a birthday together, just like their moms.

Esme and Noelle were born healthy and have been driving their moms crazy, who say they are overjoyed that they will be raising their babies together! In fact, they joke about the future parties they will throw, as they will be twice as large as they are now!

Celci and Delci, who have been inseparable since birth, hope that their daughters will become best friends and look out for each other in the future!

“Congratulations!” one commenter wrote. “That is a great story to share throughout the years!” Another agreed, writing, “Love these kinds of stories; I’m so excited it happened in our area!” “Congratulations!” one person shared. “What a story they will have to tell.”

In 2016, something similar happened to a pair of identical twin sisters from Utah. Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall gave birth to their own identical twins a mere few weeks apart.

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