Twin Sisters Gives Birth To Three Baby Boys Within Minutes Of Each Other, Despite Due Dates Being A Month Apart

Identical twins Amanda Caston and Julia Baldree shared the unique experience of being pregnant together and gave birth to their baby boys on the same day!

The sisters from Farragut, Tennessee, who are very close to each other, were very excited when they found out that they are both pregnant and are happy that their children will grow up as siblings.

Twins often dress the same, talk the same, and remain incredibly close throughout their lives; however, not all sets of twins match their lives up quite this closely.

Identical twins Amanda Caston and Julia Baldree, both 27, from Farragut, Tennessee, didn’t plan the double birth – it was a complete coincidence.

In fact, Julia was due 20 days after Amanda, on April 22. But both women went into labor early. What they never expected, however, is that they would welcome their sons on the same day, just minutes apart. Amanda gave birth to her son, Miles, while Julia welcomed twin boys, named Josiah and Carter, on March 28.

The sisters are now hoping their three boys will get along like a house on fire and love growing up together. “We’ve all just had girls; everyone’s just had girls, and then, surprise! Three boys,” Amanda said. “It’s not often that you hear of twins having twins and another on the same day within the same hour, all being boys.”

“They’ll always have best friends to hang out with through childhood, like we did. I hope they realize how much their family loves them because we love all three of them very much and it’s exciting to have all three of them within the family,” she added.

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