Twin Mum-To-Be Leaves People Flabbergasted With Her Enormous Bump

Young Kristen, who is expecting twins, shares her pregnancy journey through videos on Tik Tok and is loved by her audience as she has a sense of humor and is very honest.

Kristen is due to welcome two new arrivals into the world any day now and has been taking to TikTok to share bumpdate videos. In one, she was enjoying an iced beverage while showing off her huge stomach in a cropped top and joggers. Over the top, she’d written: “Mummy is ready to meet her babies like yesterday.”

@kris_odom 2 more weeks of having them in my belly 🥹 #twinpregnancy #twins #twinmama #bumpdate #pregnacytiktok ♬ original sound – anastasiarocco

Even though she’s carrying twins, Kristen’s belly is so big that those around her are convinced she’s expecting… 5 babies. She recently stated in her video that she is looking forward to giving birth because she can no longer bear all this weight.

“Finally, the time has arrived, and in two weeks I’m going to give birth. I have struggled a lot. I force myself to stand up,” she said.

Her thousands of followers, ecstatic about the size of her belly, rushed to give her courage and wish her the best.

People were quick to comment, with many insisting they don’t know how Kristen is coping with such a big bump. “I can barely breathe with one, how are you breathing right now?” one wrote. “I’m 23 weeks pregnant with twins, and as beautiful as this is, it also terrifies me,” another wrote. “I couldn’t imagine more than 1. You are a real superwoman.”

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