Triple Joy! The Couple Beat The Odds Of 1 In 200 Million And Gave Birth To Identical Triplets

The birth of triplets is already considered a rarity in itself; the probability is one in four thousand. However, the Welsh married couple managed to do something even more rare. She gave birth to identical triplets, which means that they changed the odds by one in two hundred million, according to available data.

Karen and Ian Gilbert, from Pontypool, Wales, were thrilled when they found out from an ultrasound that they were expecting triplets. However, their joy was no longer shared by the doctors, who twice advised Karen to terminate the pregnancy due to concerns about her health. Subsequently, the couple, who were already raising their daughter Faye, learned that they should choose only one or two children so that the birth could take place safely.




Ian said, “They were concerned about twin-to-twin syndrome, when the babies take each other’s fluid or space and starve or cramp each other.” It has really taken its toll on Karen. Because they are identical, they all share the same placenta and the same fluid. They all grew and fought so quickly that it was practically ripping Karen’s muscles apart.

However, the Gilberts could not decide between the three girls and decided to risk the health of the children and the 32-year-old mother and fight for all three unborn girls.



Karen and Ian finally welcomed the girls into the family on August 2, two months earlier than planned. The triplets were named Maddison, Paige, and Ffion. However, she was so tiny that she could fit in the palm of her hand. Immediately after birth, she went to the incubator, where the happy parents of quadruplets could take them home after six weeks.

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