Toddler Learns Early In Life To Feed Herself With No Arms

Everybody is born “special.” You may use this term whichever way you wish. Some people define “special” as brilliant, while others define it as exceptional. This little girl gives another meaning to the word “special.” Read on to find out how she overcame her unique condition in her early life.

Vasilina Knutzen was born without any arms. Congratulations to her parents for encouraging her to pursue an alternative path to independence. For Vasilina, it is just a normal thing, as she is too young to be corrupted by society to know or understand what normal is. She has already learned how to feed herself using her feet.

Most parents don’t trust their toddlers to feed themselves. They are either worried about the quantity of food that will go in their little tummies, or the mess they will have to clean up later. But this beautiful girl was fortunate enough to have a trusting and encouraging mother.

Elmira Knutzen, the proud and happy mother, has caught on camera her little daughter’s achievement, probably as a motivation for other mothers to be as encouraging and trusting of their children’s capabilities.

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