Tips On Baby Hygiene For New Parents

Baby hygiene is crucial in boosting the overall health and wellbeing of the baby. New parents may be feeling anxious or nervous about handling a slippery infant. Through these avenues, parents are equipped with tips on how to keep their babies clean properly. Let’s take a quick look at the useful tips on baby hygiene that moms should always keep in mind.

  1. Bring together the baths items

This might seem obvious, but it is a crucial step. Make sure you have a soft and absorbent towel, especially one made of cotton. Using a harsh material on your baby’s delicate skin might give them a nasty rash. Ensure that his or her new clothing, as well as a diaper, is close by to minimize the dressing time. Even the baby soap, lotion, and oil you buy for your baby should be mild.

  1. Fill the baby’s bath properly

When seated, make sure your baby’s bath water is below his or her waist level in the tub. Keep your child’s tub on the ground with no more than three inches of water in it. To prevent your child from developing a cold, the water in his bath should be warm.

  1. Put your newborn in tub carefully

Because babies might be slippery, hold them tightly and support their neck. Allow them to enter the tub with their feet first, allowing them to become acclimated to water. While washing them, keep pouring a few cups of water on their bodies to keep them warm. Hold them all the way to prevent them from slipping and falling.

  1. Purchase the gentle soap

Use a gentle soap. Don’t overdo it with the soap when it comes to your infant. Babies are not as dirty and don’t need as much soap as grownups do.

  1. Take proper care of the cradle cap

Apply some baby oil to your baby’s sensitive head and let it sit while you bathe the other parts. Be gentle in that area as it is pretty delicate. Once those flakes loosen up, you can use a soft comb to brush them off.

  1. Clean your baby’s ears

Support your baby’s neck by holding him/her tightly to clean the ears. But, don’t put anything inside them, not even the earbuds, as it might hurt the eardrum. Clean the accumulated earwax on the outside of the ear. Don’t put water inside, as it can cause ear infections.

  1. Wipe their eyes clean

While soaking the cloth in the water to clean your baby’s face, keep him or her holding it to prevent slippage. Use only one hand to do so and gently wipe his/her face since it’s delicate. Use different cotton balls to clean both eyes to prevent the spread of eye infection.

  1. Clean their nose

You can try and make your baby sneeze. It is good for hygiene as well as easing your baby’s breathing. Since babies can’t blow their noses, you can help them by using a nasal saline solution or a nasal aspirator.

  1. Trim their nails

Some babies have big nails and they grow fast too. So, you might need to trim their nails quite regularly. Use a small nail trimmer. There are some that are specially designed for babies. And don’t trim near the skin. Also, be slow and gentle.

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