“Three Things Children Need: Presence, Acceptance And Strict Guidance”

To be good parents, we need to be there for our children, love them for who they are (and not what we want them to be), and, of course, keep them safe by setting boundaries and rules. As the psychologist Eleftheriadis Eleftherios writes  in his post on Facebook, children need three things: presence, acceptance and strict guidance.

The entire post:

“Three things children need.
Presence, acceptance and strict guidance.

You have to be there. Always. Present. In their difficult times and in their easy times. Make them feel like they have someone. That they are not alone. Make them feel like they belong somewhere.

They look for acceptance. Someone make them feel important. Someone to value them. Insecure children, later become traumatized adults and are either permanently in pain, or inflicting pain.

And finally, guidance. Children want boundaries. They want people to take them by the hand and teach them about life. The beautiful, the good, the dos and don’ts. Without limits, children are doomed…

Three things children need.
Presence, acceptance and guidance strict.

Do the best you can and God will take care of the rest…”

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