This Mom Braids Her Little Daughter’s Hair Every Morning In Incredible Ways

Combing our little girls in a creative and beautiful way is sometimes really complicated, because not all mothers are born with the ability to be stylists. But for Shelly Gifford of Melbourne, Australia, styling her daughter’s hair is easy and fun.

Shelly has a beautiful daughter named Grace, and years ago she developed a taste for hairstyles that included braids. Although for a time she only knew how to do the basic French and Dutch braids, today she masters a large number of styles that are undoubtedly beautiful.

In 2014, Shelley discovered countless pages on the Internet where some mothers combed their daughters’ hair. It was at that moment that she began to investigate more about tutorials, and even took braiding classes to learn a little more. From that moment, she began to create beautiful hairstyles with her daughter’s hair in the mornings, before school activities.

She has always had a knack for braiding hair.

Sometimes she had the opportunity to practice with the hair of her family and friends.

Then she started braiding Grace’s hair.

Most of the time, she braids Grace’s hair before she goes to school.

She only has about 15 or 20 minutes to create artwork.

Grace really loves her mom playing with her hair. She enjoys sitting in front of the television while her mother invents new hairstyles.

Shelley is grateful that this is also part of her daughter Grace.

Grace is sweet and caring, but her mother’s hairstyles make her even more beautiful.

A large number of people admire Grace’s beautiful hair. Without a doubt, what Shelley creates with her hair is fantastic.

Shelley spends many hours thinking of new and unique hair braiding styles. Sometimes braiding seems more like an art than a simple hairstyle.

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