This Is What The Real Pregnant Women’s Bellies Look Like, Television Has Lied To Us

Advertising, movies, series, and social networks invade us with stereotypes of the ideal body, even in the case of pregnant women. They always try to show the pretty and sometimes unreal side of motherhood: smooth, hairless, stretch mark-free, well-defined bellies. In short, perfect. But everyone’s body is different, so every belly will look different during pregnancy.

Some people get a lot of stretch marks, while others barely notice them. Some people have small bellies, while others gain weight from their spleens, legs, and cheeks. Each woman is different, but if there is something that they should all have in common, it is the ability to embrace their body and not feel deformed. Enjoy your pregnancy and feel pretty!

You will see all the little veins.

You will get stretch marks.

A dark line will divide your belly.

Your belly may not even be round.

And maybe it will grow so much that you won’t even see your feet.

It may look like you have a little alien growing inside.

But don’t feel ashamed.

This is all normal and okay.

Enjoy the process and embrace your body!

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