This Is What The First Day After Giving Birth Really Looks Like

No one has ever described the first 24 hours after delivery so honestly.

Although we are aware of what pregnancy and childbirth look like, the postpartum period remains a mystery to most of us. In their stories, young mothers tend to avoid unpleasant memories, and that is why we find out about everything only on our own skin.

She wants to change that. Kassi Mansfield is a 25-year-old wife and mom with nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. The blogger owes her enormous popularity to her honesty because she always speaks directly about even the most difficult matters.

“Just like the first day after the birth of the second child.

An adult diaper and a giant sanitary napkin.

Lots of blood and leaking various fluids.

The feeling that I will never be able to use the restroom normally again.

Radical mood change every 10 minutes.

Sagging breasts, from which something is constantly flowing out.

Belly looking as if I was heavily pregnant.

Everything is dirty and smells.

Pajamas are the only outfit that fits the current situation.

This is what the first and subsequent days after giving birth look like”

She lists them in a sincere journal entry, but she has no regrets about them. In her opinion, any inconvenience is nothing compared to the happiness she feels at the sight of her children.

In the gallery, you will see other mums who also decided to break the conspiracy of silence and photographed themselves only 24 hours after giving birth. This is what it really looks like.

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