This Is What Happens To You When You Are In The Presence Of Newborn

You must have been around and in the company of children, and yes, being with children is wonderful, but it’s a really special feeling when you’re in the same place as a newborn. Think about how special it felt when your child was born.

Moms don’t forget the first few days, and dads also smile when they remember. You can’t forget those little fingers, little feet, and the baby smell! Newborn babies have a fantastic effect on us!

Here are 5 special effects that only a newborn can cause you. In the presence of a newborn, you may experience the following simultaneously or alternately.

  1. You feel warmth in your heart

Yes, this is pure love. We are born into this world with infinite purity and pure love. When you are in the presence of a newborn, you feel this purity and love throughout your body. Your muscles relax, you let yourself go, you relax and it’s as if you feel heat in your chest, around your heart. In this case, the energy center of your heart responds to the pure love that the newborn brings with him.

The love you were born with comes to life in you too. The center of your heart immediately begins to fill up to receive the baby with feelings and emotions worthy of love of infinite purity. It’s like your heart is burning, it explodes and fills almost everything.

It’s a wonderful, special feeling that you don’t get to experience many times in your life.

  1. You are moved and cry

The same purity and love that awakened the pure love of your heart penetrates to the depths of your soul, you remember how fragile life is, and at the same time how great a mystery it is. You don’t even know why, but you are filled with immense happiness, emotion and even tears.

You also remember how vulnerable and fragile we humans are with our lives, yet how huge this life is! Childbirth is painful, but of course our body makes sure that we can forget this pain and connect with our child. It’s in the room. Small, but sweet and cute. They come into the world with infinite purity, pure love.

  1. You smile

Somehow you can’t be serious in the presence of a newborn. You immediately start to smile when you see those tiny fingers, fingernails, baby wrinkles, chubby hair and how the newborn yawns deliciously between two cries.

But that smile! Nothing is purer and more honest! The many nicknames “oh, but sweet”, “my little treasure”, “cutie”, “little mischievous” and so many nicknames are starting to pour in!

  1. You whisper

Being with a newborn is such an intimate, intimate experience that you can’t shout at each other or talk loudly. It’s as if your soul knows that every loud word is unnecessary, you couldn’t even raise your voice if you wanted to.

In that closeness, intimacy, and pure love, there is no place for loud words, you can only speak in the voice of the soul or in a whisper: nicely snuggled together, with gentle touches, caresses, and love.

  1. You forget your problems

The energies that a new baby brings into this world will make you forget what you’re worried about. Instead, it reminds you of everything that is really important. What life should be about comes alive in you.

When you think about it, your problems come into a new light or lose their importance. The presence of a newborn gives you the strength to close life stages, gives you strength for new beginnings, and together with it you are reborn a little or a lot!

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