This Dad’s Stunning Amateur Photography Captures The Beauty Of Children Growing Up On A Farm

Phillip Haumesser, a photographer and father from Missouri, shows us the essence of the rural world in these beautiful photos he takes of his children. There are no studied poses or scenarios. The most beautiful thing about the photos is that they are absolutely spontaneous, portraying the daily life of his children growing up on a farm with dozens of animals.

A slow way of life that surely many of us would like to escape, where simplicity and calm take on a new meaning. Their children grow up in the middle of nature, surrounded by animals and disconnected from the torrent of stimuli that children receive today.

It all started when his wife Natasha gave him a camera for his birthday with the request that he wanted to have portraits of his children to keep as a souvenir. But the first attempt did not go well, since the children got bored of posting the photos, and what should have been something nice ended up frustrating them.

Then he understood that he had to capture special moments in a natural state, without poses or prepared shots, portraying his children as simply children. Then the magic happened!

He no longer worries about taking the perfect photo, but about capturing the moment, and if it turns out to be a good image, all the better.

Children’s connection with animals and the beauty of rural landscapes are reflected in each of their snapshots. Photography has become her true passion.

After seeing these images, anyone would consider changing the hectic life in the city to see their children grow up on a farm surrounded by animals, right?

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