This Black Mom Beautifully Embraced Her Stretch Marks In A Maternity Shoot

New Jersey native Christina Temitope sent a powerful message to other moms about embracing the body’s changes during pregnancy.

Christina Temitope Abiola was already 38 weeks pregnant with her first child, but she wasn’t completely happy. During pregnancy, the young woman developed dozens of deep stretch marks on her belly, and this totally discouraged her from registering the moment. She shared her story on social media to help other mothers with the same problem.

“Insecurity is a dangerous thing. I believe it restrains us from for filling our full potential. When it came down to shooting my maternity photos I was truly afraid. So afraid I delayed it to 38 weeks pregnant!! But time was truly running out and I wanted my memories,” she wrote on Instagram.

Christina even scheduled the shoot and asked the photographer to remove the marks with Photoshop, but seeing the situation from another angle made her change her mind.

“However, it was so much the edit made it look off. So I said no worries let’s do! I’ve been struggling with embracing my marks because I felt like I was the only one who’s experienced such an extreme amount. My entire belly was covered and I felt like I was doing something wrong. I was more worried about after having her if they’d even go away and how long it would take. But through the love and support of friends and family I feel very secure! I like to call my marks beauty marks! Because my marks represent the beautiful life I brought to the world! I honestly would do it all over again for her,” she added.

To no surprise, the shoot turned out stunning. They even went viral just before Abiola and her partner, Lamar Grant, welcomed their baby girl, Aniyah, to the world!

Aniyah Oluwanifemi Grant, Christina’s first child with her husband Lamar Grant, was born on the 24th of October.

“Today we blessed the names of our baby Girl! Welcome Aniyah Oluwanifemi Grant to the family! Our excitement is indescribable. I had a child with the man of my dreams! A man who loves me unconditionally, adores me, cares for me, and puts our relationship first,” she said.

Learning to love your pre-and postpartum body isn’t always easy, but “we have to change, we must adopt to new circumstances, that is how God intended. Being a mom was already chosen for me by God and he decided now is my time! I see this new journey I’m embarking on as a blessing from God! A new found purpose along with all the others I embody. I am a powerhouse and being a mom will not only change my life forever but it will enhance it and fill it with wonders I could never imagine!” like Christina said.

The photos represent a message to moms everywhere, some of whom may be struggling to love their own postpartum bodies – and they’ve now gone viral, with women leaving hundreds of comments of love and support.

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