This 5-Year-Old Girl Conquered Instagram With Her Incredible Hair

Our lives have changed a lot in the last decade. It is hard to imagine the modern world without the Internet. Many parents create personal pages for their only newborn children. There they upload photos from the family archive and maintain a profile on behalf of the kids. You can treat it differently, but the facts remain.

And today we have a very unusual heroine: Mia Aflalo from Tel Aviv (Israel). She is only 5 years old, but she has already become a real star on the Internet! And it’s all thanks to her luxurious hair, which leaves no one indifferent.

Her parents even created her personal page on the social network Instagram, which has already been subscribed to by more than 88 thousand people! Those are huge numbers.

See these 10 photos of this beautiful baby below.

A true work of art!

What gorgeous hair!

She is charming! Do you agree?

The main thing is to keep such hair for life.

So charm

Little Princess

Every hairdresser’s dream

These beautiful eyes

It seems like she could easily get the title of the most beautiful girl in the


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