This 29-Year-Old Mother Has 9 Children – This Is How She Keeps Order In Their Home

Putting children to bed can be a real challenge for parents. It’s not enough that babies can’t close their eyes all night, but it can be difficult to get older children to bed as well.

However, this mother of 9 children – all under the age of 10 – has perfected her bedtime routine and even finds time to read to the little ones. Chloe, 29, and her husband, Ro, from Perth, Australia, are the parents of 9 children, including a set of twins and triplets.

Juggling all 9 children at the same time is a challenge for Chloe, but daily routines like going to bed at night have gotten easier over the years. As bedtime approaches, the children gather their toys while the mother prepares dinner.

While the older children are eating, Chloe feeds the younger ones who cannot yet eat on their own. After dinner comes bathing – the older children take a bath one after the other, and Chloe bathes the younger ones. The woman’s youngest daughter, Birdie, was born in March 2022.

Chloe and Ro’s children are Evan, Otto and Felix, triplets Rufus, Henry and Pearl, twins Cosmo and Sylvie and the newest addition to the family, Birdie. The family has their own YouTube channel called Life With Beans, where they showcase various fun activities as well as mundane things like their evening routine.

Their ninth child, Birdie, was born on March 16, 2022, and Chloe shared the happy news on Instagram.

“We are very happy to announce that our precious little girl finally arrived yesterday morning. He is now resting at home with his 8 siblings. Thank you for the well wishes. We love him so much. We feel like we are in seventh heaven,” the happy mother wrote.

On January 14, 2021, Chloe shared the video of the evening routine on YouTube, which has since been viewed by nearly 3 million people. In this video, only 8 children can be seen, as Birdie was not born at that time, the youngest were the twins, Cosmo and Sylvie.

After the children are all bathed, they get dressed in matching pajamas, then before falling asleep they snuggle up a bit with their youngest siblings and Chloe reads them a story.

After the story, it’s bedtime. The three older boys can still read a little before falling asleep, but the triplets are immediately swaddled by their mother. Since the twins were still very young when the video was made, it took a little longer to put them to sleep, but Chloe eventually put them in their cribs.

After Birdie’s birth, the formula must have gotten even more complicated, but Chloe and Ro are probably doing just fine anyway.

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