Things An Unborn Baby Can Feel At 9 Months

When a woman learns that she is pregnant, her life changes in ways that she may have never imagined. One moment, she is just another jovial girl who has no care in the world. And, in the next moment, she is in a place where everything she does can impact the life of another tiny person – someone she loves the most in the world. But, with all the cautions and warnings that are mentioned to you by one and all, you are left with the impression that the tiny being within you is super-delicate. However, as you progress in your pregnancy, you feel surprised by your little one’s strength and capabilities. They can do a myriad of things from within the womb. So, here are 4 things the unborn can feel at 9 months.

4. Your Little One Can Tune In To Your Conversations

Somewhere around the 18th week of gestation, the babies’ ears become distinct on either side of their heads. At times, this development happens even in the 16th week after their conception.

So, they may start hearing. And, by the 25th week, the little ones begin to respond to sounds that are familiar, like your voice, for instance.

3. If The Mom Is Happy, So Is The Little One

As we all know, it is generally the mom’s mood that dictates the mood of the entire house. So, if she is happy, you can expect the home to be filled with joy too.

The same is believed to be true for an expectant mom and her little one too. If she is happy, her fetus may be able to feel and sense that. So, yes, it is likely that babies might be able to experience joy in their cushiony world within the womb.

2. Can Taste Whatever The Mom Is Eating

This is one of the most pertinent questions that expecting moms have: “Can my little one taste the food that I eat?” Turns out, the answer is “yes”! This particular development occurs somewhere around the 21st week of pregnancy.

It is during this phase that the infant begins to consume a bit of the amniotic fluid on a regular basis. This fluid, in turn, is flavored with the foods that expecting moms consume. So, your baby can actually taste everything that you eat.

1. May Begin To Feel Your Touch

It is from the moment that these babies are within the womb that they may start appreciating the sense of touch.

And, given that it is one of the few ways that they can interact with the outside world, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Now that you know what your little one can sense and feel, you know what to do more of.

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