These Unique Photos Of Newborns In The Delivery Room Are Their First Beautiful Photos

More and more parents are commissioning professional photographers to capture the moments of childbirth with their photographic lens. Moments that, no matter how many years pass, remain incredible in the memory.

In the birth photos, the photographers photograph the process before the birth of the baby, the duration of the birth, and also after, that is, when the new mother hugs her newborn baby for the first time.

These photographs capture not just a process, but also the emotions, both joy and agony. They also capture the first seconds of the baby’s life shortly after birth.

There are many photographers who post birth photos they have attended on social media.

“That moment of relief that comes at the end of so much hard work has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. You did it, mama!” The photographer and midwife Grace Brian wrote.

The hashtag #birthphotography has over 500,000 posts and we singled out some of them. Enjoy them in the gallery that follows.









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