These Twin Babies Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet, And They Capture The Beautiful Moment On Film

In a gentle embrace with their eyes closed, these newborn twins were indulging in their first bath. These fascinating photos, which suddenly became an internet hit, were published on a social network by a midwife from Paris.

That’s how she hugged her mother’s tummy. The images of the newborn twins literally catch your heart. It captures unbeatable sibling love. It literally radiates peace and quiet from cute babies.

The little sister and the little brother, just after the birth, didn’t stop hugging each other during the first bath together, as if no one should ever divide them. They didn’t mind the midwife’s touch or the fact that they were completely immersed in water.

The French midwife shot the whole video to show how a special tray for children up to two months of age works. It is shaped so that newborns feel like they are in the ᴡᴏᴍʙ.

This might explain the twins’ intense devotion for one another. They desired to be as close as they were before they were born.

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