These Stunning Photos Capture The Raw Beauty Of A Waterbirth

Monet Nicole is a Denver birth photographer. She believes birth is worth seeing and celebrating. Celebrating birth is an incredible thing, but when it’s captured in pictures it takes it to a whole new level. These photos, taken by Denver photographer Monet Nicole, capture the beautiful waterbirth of Maeve. Check out the awe-inspiring power of this birth story with these startlingly beautiful photos.

“Erin found me on Instagram (I think). I would see her exchange comments with her wife, Jess, and it became evident that this family found birth to be beautiful and inspiring.”

“She reached out to me via email and told me the good news: Erin and Jess were expecting their second baby and were planning a homebirth over the summer…. and they wanted me to be their birth photographer.”

“We met up just a few weeks shy of Maeve’s birth day. It was a cold and rainy morning in May. We talked and laughed over coffee at Huckleberry, and I felt like both of these amazing women were old friends. It’s rare to find people that connect with us on such a deep level…rarer still to sense this connection from the very beginning…and yet I think we all felt it that day.”

“I knew then that Maeve’s birth would be a special one. Erin seemed so deeply rooted in her body and this pregnancy. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically, she was ready to give birth to her daughter.”

“I could say a lot more wonderful things about Erin and Jess, or about Maeve’s birth day. But words wouldn’t do it justice. In fact, the more I write, the more my eyes fill with tears. This birth was one of the most breathtaking, love-filled experiences I’ve ever witnessed.”

“These images below remind me that birth is LOVE, birth is STRENGTH, and birth is BEAUTY. Thank you, sweet friends, for letting me be part of this very special day.”

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