These Photos That Show What Mums’ Baby Bumps REALLY Look Like

Pregnancy is a gorgeous journey for a woman, and her baby bump or pregnancy belly just makes the reality of being pregnant sink in that much further!

Whilst media may portray baby bumps as being perfectly round and neat, we all know too well that this simply is not reality. Bumps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; they are unique to each mum-to-be and most of all they are ALL beautiful.

Our mums are sharing their pregnancy tummies so you can see what they REALLY look like. No filters, or Photoshop used here – just natural, beautiful baby bumps in all their glory!

You will see all the little veins.

Your belly may not even be round.

And maybe it will grow so much that you won’t even see your feet.

38 weeks with a baby girl. Was in so much pain and felt like a giant pokéball!

It may look like you have a little alien growing inside.

This is us when we reached our 30 week milestone last week with our miracle IVF baby girl, she has an angel brother and sister.

This was me at 33 weeks with a baby girl.

40 weeks with baby 4, who is now 2 weeks old.

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