These Most Oddly Shaped Baby Bumps Will Make You Not Believe Your Eyes

Each pregnancy journey is a magical and different story. The shape and position of their pregnant belly also have 101 different styles. But the following will definitely be the strangest and most unbelievable pregnant belly in the world.

According to Jessica Kiley, associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, women come in all different shapes and sizes and carry differently depending on a number of factors. However, moms don’t need to worry too much about whether the shape of their belly is normal or abnormal.

Let’s look through these most oddly shaped baby bumps below.

A Six-Month No Show

This is a photo of model Sarah Stage when she was 6 months pregnant. Surprisingly, there were no signs that she was pregnant.

The Most Perfect C Curve

The photo was taken in 2014 when Gwen Stefani was 44 years old. She still looked absolutely stunning in her tight black suit, which made her pregnant belly form a perfect C.

The B Belly

When taken on the side, her belly is shaped like a B letter.

Squashing It!

Everyone looking at this picture of a pregnant mother will surely have the feeling that her belly is about to fall to the ground.

A Little To The Left A Little To The Right

This beauty of a baby bump was found on a chat page of women who have Bicornuate Uteruses, a congenital uterine abnormality that affects women at a rate of 1-5/1000.

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