These Four Sisters Are Pregnant At The Same Time And Will Give Birth A Few Days Apart

The arrival of a new member to the family is always a reason for joy, and in this case, there are four babies that will be born into this family from Sacramento, California.

These four sisters are living the incredible experience of sharing a pregnancy at the same time and will give birth just a few days apart.

The simultaneous pregnancy of the four Gaines sisters (Caroline, Amy, Haley and Katie) was not planned, but they are very excited and feel “as if they were children again”.

“It’s nice to have someone by your side who you know is going through the exact same thing,” Haley says. “We share experiences and talk about how we feel every day.”

The sisters, who were born 18 months apart (two of them are twins) are expecting two boys and two girls, and Katie, who is the first to find out she was pregnant, is about to give birth to her baby.

The girls are the daughters of Ted Gaines, a former California state senator and prominent political figure, who proudly shared the news on his Twitter profile.

The four sisters have been very close since they were little and want the same for their children. As for the girls’ parents, Ted and Beth Gaines, they are looking forward to the arrival of their four grandchildren.

Scientific studies have shown that pregnancy is contagious and that when a woman becomes pregnant, the chances that other women around her will do so increase.

In Babies and more we have shared several similar cases and this is another clear example that this is the case, and in this case that of four sisters united by a transformative life experience. Without a doubt, it is a privilege to be able to go through the process together. Have you shared a pregnancy with a sister or a close friend?

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