These 15 Hilarious Photos Of Babies Filling Their Diapers Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Babies are adorable, even when they’re doing gross (albeit natural) things like throwing up, pooping, and peeing everywhere. And what’s even more adorable is when their parents catch these moments on camera. Check out these hilariously cute pictures of babies making faces while they poop, which somehow wouldn’t be as sweet if these were the faces of adults.

This adorable expression is definitely not to be missed.

Maybe his work isn’t going well for him to have such a stressed expression.

This boy looks very enjoying.

Let’s blow together for more motivation.

This boy has up to 1001 different expressions while dealing with sadness from pain, breaking down to feeling mild shock.

This cute boy has an expression that looks like he’s about to cry after trying to get rid of that hateful thing.

This boy did not have any special expressions. He simply smirked, grimaced and closed his eyes. Everything will be over soon.

What’s so surprising about dealing with sadness is that the boy had to widen his eyes like that.

The boy’s face looks inflated as he tries to muster his energy to release.

This boy is seriously using all the muscles in his face to finish this job quickly.

It turns out that resolving sadness can be so scary.

This newborn boy is ready to do his job.

This boy seems to be confused as to what to do.

This boy is trying to figure out who will change his diaper when it’s all over, mom or dad.

He’s trying to be cute even when he’s dealing with his sadness.

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