The Woman Gave Birth To Three Children On The Same Day With An Interval Of Several Years

This case was shocking even for doctors who helped give birth to a considerable number of children. A MUM has shared her disbelief that all three of her children share the same January birthday.

There are many interesting stories about how women gave birth to twins in 15 minutes and had different dates of birth and even years. However, the history of this family has become unusual even for obstetricians, who have helped bring a considerable number of babies into the world. ” Divoglyad ” tells more about it with reference to The Sun.

31-year-old Sinead Kottam has two sons and a daughter, who were born on the same day but with an interval of several years. Every year, Lewis, Sha and Demi celebrate their birthdays on January 11th. The eldest son, Lewis, was the only birthday boy on this day for the first six years, but right during the celebration of his birthday, his mother began giving birth and the younger brother, Shay, was born.

The woman was very happy with such a surprise, but Lewis himself was not very happy with his little brother at first.

“We were planning to go to a birthday tea after school, but Shay decided to show up earlier and right on his brother’s birthday. Lewis wasn’t happy,” the woman recalls.

Within three years, Sinead became pregnant again. Just like with Shay, January 15 was set as the preliminary due date. However, this time the baby was born four days earlier, on January 11, 2019. The mother was not ready for this, but the only free date for a caesarean section was that very day.

“They were excited for my little sister, but due to late complications, I had to have a c-section, and I couldn’t believe my ears when the midwife told me the only available date was January 11th. I was taken aback, and at first I said no,” says the woman.

Such a story was amazing not only for relatives and family friends, but also for the doctors who helped give birth to a considerable number of children.

“I don’t know how rare it is, but nurses have never heard of this before, and no one believes me that all babies were born on the same day. Especially when I order three cakes or buy three sets of birthday banners,” shares a woman.

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