The Tree of Life Breastfeeding Pictures That Flooded The Internet

Surely you know how to take selfies, but the word “brelfi” is not yet familiar to everyone. Basically, it’s a selfie taken while breastfeeding. Young mothers use the PicsArt app to make their bralfies even prettier.

The application allows you to add the magical Tree of Life to your photos, and the result is incredibly beautiful images. You can download drawings of the Tree of Life from the Internet or use a set of stickers built into the program itself.

Mothers in love with their newborn babies add other magical effects and share their creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #TreeOfLife and #brelfie to not only highlight the beauty of the process of breastfeeding, but also to speak out against the public stigmatization of mothers who breastfeed in public places.

Enjoy them in the gallery that follows, and let’s doing try it.

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