The Supermom Gave Birth To 12 Children In 12 Years – 7 Months Was The Longest She Went Without Pregnancy

Raising children is a responsible and difficult task, and raising even one child can be a serious challenge, but there are parents who want a large family and even have 4-5 children. However, nowadays it is hard to imagine someone having even more children than this. However, this couple gave birth to 12 children in 12 years, and although they never planned it, they say their family couldn’t be more perfect.

Courtney and Chris Rogers from New Mexico welcomed their 12th child in March 2022. Although they didn’t originally plan to have a big family, they don’t mind at all that it turned out that way. But the process of becoming a parent was not without obstacles, and Courtney’s first pregnancy ended in ᴍɪsᴄᴀʀʀɪᴀɢᴇ.

However, in March 2010, their first child was born, a boy named Clint. And that was just the beginning, first they had five other sons and then six daughters.

All of the couple’s children have names beginning with the letter C: Clint, Clay, Cade, Callie, Cash, twins Colt and Case, Calena, Caydie, Coralee, Caris, and the youngest baby, Cambria.

“It’s also amazing how well the move turned out because the boys were all born at the beginning, one after the other, and the girls after them, so everything is very balanced,” said the mother in an interview.

After becoming a mother for the first time in 2010, the longest Courtney went without pregnancy was 7 months. The woman was 26 years old when their first son was born, and she did not expect to be the mother of 12 children in total.

“Clint was born 3 weeks before my 26th birthday, and I had no idea then that I would have more children. “I thought I was too old at 26, and I didn’t know they would come so quickly, including a set of twins,” explained Courtney.

“Then we said we would have a maximum of 10 children, but I still felt quite young and healthy, so we said why not 12?” the mother added, admitting that she actually wanted more children.

“It will be strange if we don’t have any more children. For the most part, I handled the pregnancies well, I wasn’t sick and I never needed bed rest, so I was always able to take care of the children,” she said.

He also admitted that their family is a bit more chaotic than others and consumes an incredible amount of food, usually consuming 24 eggs and a box of cereal in one meal – and that’s just breakfast.

As for lunch, Courtney feeds the little ones while the big ones make themselves sandwiches or some other simple snack. For dinner, the mother usually makes pancakes or spaghetti so that everyone is full.

They also pay a lot of attention to the children’s education, in the afternoons, they learn languages, read, draw, and sometimes even hold piano lessons.

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