The Moment You Hug Your Newborn For The First Time Cannot Be Compared To Anything

After nine months of waiting, the moment finally comes to meet the little baby that kicked you at night and wouldn’t let you sleep. A moment that you have dreamed of a million times but, when it comes to reality, you are not prepared for the emotions that flood you. And the truth is that the moment you hug your newborn for the first time cannot be compared to anything!

You can finally see it with your own eyes!

You talk to it every day, you feel it growing, you’ve seen it on the ultrasound and you often feel like you’ve been carrying it in your belly forever. As the months of pregnancy go by, you and your baby are “one” and you already feel like your most special person. However, the moment it is born and you finally see it with your own eyes, is one of the most magical of your life!

When you hold it in your arms you melt…

Immediately after the birth, if everything has gone well and the conditions allow, the midwife places the newborn in your arms and that’s when… you melt! The emotions that flood you are hard to describe. The tenderness and fullness you feel are unprecedented and despite the pain and suffering of childbirth, you feel absolute happiness, even for a moment.

You know what you went through was worth it

No matter how difficult your pregnancy was or how much you suffered during the birth, as soon as you hold your little angel for the first time, you forget everything. You know that your sacrifices were worth it and that you would do it all over again without complaining.

Along with your baby, you are also reborn

At the moment of childbirth, not only a baby is born, but also a new mother! You may have prepared for the new phase of your life in theory, but only when you see your newborn does the theory automatically become an experience and you realize that you are now a mother. Together with your baby, you are also reborn and now you feel deep inside that you will do everything in your power to take care of and protect your tiny creature.

When it’s time to do it again, you just can’t wait!

When your newborn becomes a baby, then a child, and it’s time to do the second (or the third, etc.), you endure everything stoically. Neither pregnancy, nor the suffering, nor the pains of childbirth scare you. You wait and look forward to the magical moment when you will again hold in your arms the baby that will come out of you.

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