The Miracle Of Life - Photos Reveal The Stages Of Development Of A Baby In The Womb

The Miracle Of Life – Photos Reveal The Stages Of Development Of A Baby In The Womb

The birth of a child is a small miracle of nature. It is an incredible development, but we cannot witness it. Until now!

Because it is so special, birth has intrigued many scientists and researchers for decades. Some have even managed to film the different stages of pregnancy for the whole world to enjoy.

If you also want to experience the miracle of birth up close, we have included 10 photos in the gallery that will amaze you.

First phase

The picture you see is defined by scientists as the preliminary stage. Here, the sperm move to the egg through the fallopian tube. Hey!


It all starts here! This is where the fusion of sperm and egg occurs! This is literally where life begins.

That special moment

Here’s a beautiful picture of the moment the sperm and egg fuse! It looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Another important point

Although every moment in this period is important, there are a few that are key to the creation of life. And this is one of them. This is a picture of an embryo attached to the wall of the uterus. A crucial stage for the birth of the baby.

22 days old

This is what the embryo looks like at 22 days. Now here’s the fun part. See that gray area? This thing will become the baby’s brain at a later stage of development.

The formation of the heart

Another important point in the process is when the heart begins to develop. On the 18th day, the child’s heart is born.

In 5 weeks

Every week of pregnancy is important and different and amazing things happen in each week. After 5 weeks, this is what happens in the womb! The fruit measures about 9 millimeters. You can even see the development of the child’s facial structure.

10th week

In the 10th week, the eyelids finally open slowly, the baby’s eyes are formed.

On the 16th week

You can slowly see the nerves now! Little by little, the embryo turns into a little human. This is such a precious and amazing photo.


In the 18th week, the fetus begins to respond to external voices. Then the mother begins to feel the kicking of her baby.

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