The Little Boy Was Born With A Heart-Shaped Birthmark On His Forehead And Still Attracts People’s Attention 7 Years Later

Every child is unique and special, but this Turkish boy was born with a unique distinguishing mark that attracted people’s attention from the first minute and earned him the nickname “Love Baby”.

Turkish parents Murat and Ceyda Engin couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their newborn son Çinar for the first time in 2015. When a nurse cleaned the newborn’s face, they noticed a red spot on their son’s forehead.

Parents think of a unique birthmark as a real blessing.

“I was very surprised. As I got closer to her, I discovered that the spot on her forehead was amazingly in the shape of a heart,” explained the father, Murat, adding that they loved Çinar’s special birthmark from the first minute.

The unusual birthmark seemed to have won the hearts of others as well – first the nurses stared in disbelief at the perfect heart shape, then they started taking photos and they all found the baby incredibly cute.

No one else in Çinar’s family had a unique birthmark like his, but the parents always saw the heart-shaped spot on their son’s forehead as a gift from God. “None of us had any negative feelings. We believe that he was born with real potential,” Murat said.

Çinar is adored by everyone who sees him, and people often ask to take a photo with him. “When we walk, everyone smiles at us and they adore him. All our friends are curious about her birthmark, as it is heart-shaped,” explained the father.

The doctors and nurses immediately recognized the special boy whenever the parents took him for a routine check-up and gave him the nickname “Hearted boy”.

Çinar turned 7 in 2022, and his birthmark is still a huge success – he even appeared on Bulgarian public television at one point after being spotted by an employee of the channel.

The little boy is a real star on the Internet, where most of the commenters love the special birthmark, but there have also been users who tried to comfort and encourage the parents, because they didn’t know that they saw their son’s distinguishing mark as a real blessing.

“It will fade over time, so don’t worry, my son had a similar spot on his chest and now, 18 years later, it’s gone,” she wrote.

Çinar continues to bring smiles to people’s faces. “Fantastic kid! I’m in the hospital with my dad and he lifted my heart,” one user wrote after seeing pictures of the little boy.

Parents have always raised their son to accept and love himself, and luckily most of the feedback is a similarly positive message.

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