The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Pregnancy

Buzzfeed asked its readers to upload the most distinctive photos from their pregnancy period. Some tell the harsh truth, some depict the difficult daily life of pregnant women and some are hilarious, mainly due to the ingenuity of their protagonists.

And by the way, everyone’s pregnancy is different, so the pics here are by no means meant to represent the universal pregnancy experience. We don’t know about you but we identified and laughed with almost all of them.

Legs before and after…

Signs-jewels on the belly of the expectant mother

A mom with a lot of humor

When your bones hurt and you can’t take any medicine, you end up with something icy for relief.

I got an awesome table that I got to carry around with me. Here’s what else the pregnant belly is used for.

Oops. I will park here! While pregnant with my second daughter I could rest my pregnant belly on my counter top. People thought this photo was fake. It’s real and my back still isn’t right.

Skin problems are common in pregnancy.

Work: pregnant with twins, it was crafted by her niece

Being so nauseous you can’t brush your hair. Rats nest ensues. Mom has to help brush out the mess!

My son loved squishing himself on my right side, so I was always lopsided. Looking at my crooked bump made all the insomnia and all the intense heartburn worth it.

Sometimes, you don’t need a regular chair but an exercise ball!

No matter how much the ring opens and closes, you may not be able to wear it!

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