The Girl Was Born With A White Strand In Her Hair And Her Mother Does Everything So That She Appreciates Her Uniqueness

Many women struggle to achieve the perfect bleached strand of hair, but this little girl didn’t even have to do anything. A girl named Maya Aziz was born with a perfect white streak of hair. After the birth, the girl gave the doctors a surprise, but the mother, Talita, was not surprised at all, since her family has a fairly common genetic feature, which is commonly called ᴘɪᴇʙᴀʟᴅɪsᴍ.

Since the birth of Maya Talita, she has been sharing her photos on social networks and people are simply delighted with her hair. Childhood photos of newborn Maya have already made a splash, and then they were joined by resourceful photo shoots in the style of the X-Men and Cruella De Vil. On Instagram, Maya has more than 22.4 thousand followers, and we invite you to take a look at the beautiful features of this baby.

Maya was born with a perfect white streak in her hair. It is called piebaldism. Doctors and nurses involved in childbirth were surprised by her peculiarity. But not her mother, Talita, who has exactly the same condition and has enough white strands in her hair herself. Talita said that she became pregnant with Maya in mid-February 2018, when she was 40 years old. At that time, she and her husband had been living in Australia for about 5 years.

“The malaise increased to such an extent that I no longer left the house, I stopped studying and working. I was hospitalized. I had ʜʏᴘᴇʀᴇᴍᴇsɪs. It was the worst period of my life, I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy the way I wanted to,” Talita said.

“In the middle of 2018, we returned to Brazil. I just wanted to be close to my family during the birth so that I could feel safe. On November 20, 2018, after 23 hours of intensive labor, I was sent for a ᴄᴀᴇsᴀʀᴇᴀɴ sᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ. I knew my life would change soon, but I didn’t know it would change so much,” she added.

“Maya was born with a height of 54 cm, a weight of 4.25 kg, and the most beautiful hairstyle in the world. Even in the delivery room, I heard people say “wow, she was born with a ray”, “what a fashionable baby”, and I kept repeating: “Let me see, let me see,” the mom said. While Talita was lying in the hospital, she felt that she had given birth to a star, as guests often came to her to look at the baby.

Talitha began cosplaying Maya as characters who have the same trait, such as Rogue from the X-Men. “As a child, I suffered from bullying because of my appearance and the marks on my body. All my childhood and adolescence, I hid behind clothes and makeup. Around the age of 20, I realized that I was unique. It made me special,” Talita said.

“Maya has the opposite, what hurts me causes tenderness in her. This pleases me the most. Many people come to me to talk about how they hide their white hair until they see Maya,” she added.

The girl’s parents are working hard to ensure that she accepts her appearance and in no case feels that something is wrong with her. “Maya is growing up and learning to respect people, and I’m trying to teach her to value herself. This is my mission as a mother,” Talita concluded.

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