The Family Was Overjoyed To Learn That The 7th Would Be A Baby Girl After Having 6 Boys Under 10

The parents, who already have six boys under the age of ten, were indescribably excited when they learned that their seventh child would be a girl. The mother, Sarah Molitor, was left in a state of shock when pink confetti exploded in the air from the confetti cannon used to reveal the baby’s gender. “About 5% of me won’t believe it until I hold it in my arms,” she said.

Sarah and her husband, Tim, have been married for 13 years and have six sons: Jude, 10, Hudson, 8, Chase, 6, Crew, 5, Beck, and Griffy, 1. Sarah is now expecting her seventh baby and is currently 22 weeks pregnant. Everyone in the family was convinced that a son would be born this time, so the news surprised everyone.

During her previous six pregnancies, Sarah found out the baby’s gender at the 20-week scan, but as she and Tim believe this could be their last child, they wanted to make it a little more exciting this time around, with the whole family gathering at their home for the big gender announcement.

Sarah had previously brought two bags of confetti to the ultrasound, one blue and one pink, and asked the technician to make the right color so they could reveal the baby’s gender together at home. On the morning of November 11, Sarah’s sister made breakfast for the whole family, then they gathered in the living room, where Sarah presciently set up five cameras to make sure they could capture the moment.

In a video shared on Instagram, Sarah literally fell to the floor in sʜᴏᴄᴋ at the sight of the pink confetti and burst into tears of joy as Tim and the boys shouted with excitement. “I was totally ready for another boy. I thought: It would be great to be a mother of seven boys! So when I saw the pink confetti, it was a huge shock,” said Sarah.

The mother also added that she and her husband have always entrusted themselves to God and are grateful to him for each of their children. Disclosing the baby’s gender was special for the parents only because the whole family could be present. “It was very touching and special for us,” Sarah said.

“The first thing one of my sons did was really funny. Right after everyone had celebrated, he asked, ‘Where’s the envelope? Let’s check again.’ So we went to the envelope, opened it, pulled out the picture, and the ultrasound technician put in the paper proving the gender, which said: I’m a little girl,” said the mother.

Sarah used to work as a nurse, but in 2016, after the birth of their second child, she stopped working and has since devoted all her time to raising children. Tim runs the hotel that his family owns, while Sarah is at home with the children. The boys do not go to school; instead, their mother teaches them at home.

“I don’t want them to leave home between 8am and 3pm so I can only spend two hours a day with them. Since I’m at home and I’m able to do it, I really wanted to try homeschooling,” she explained.

“The boys help each other; I help them; the little ones play and sit on my lap… we really work together as a team in the family; not out of compulsion, but because we chose to do so,” she added.

After raising their children this way for five years, Sarah, who has also written two children’s books, says that this method is perfect for them. “It’s safe to say on Friday that we’re going to skip school today and visit the grandparents or go on a hike and not have to tell anyone about it. We can catch up later, in our own time. This flexibility has been a huge gift to our family.”

At the same time, faith also plays an important role in the life of the family. “Faith affects everything,” says Sarah, who often reads Bible stories to her children. They also pray together, and if the boys argue about something, their mother tries to explain to them what the Lord expects of them. She and Tim are trying to create a solid foundation that their children will be able to rely on throughout their lives.

The couple also shares details about the family’s life on Instagram, and although some people comment that with so many children, it must be crazy to have chaos in their home, most people respond positively to their posts and congratulate the parents on their large family.

Sarah says her sons are “the sweetest, most respectful kids” in the world, but she also said she doesn’t have to go it alone. The family members help her a lot, they also hired a cleaning lady who cleans thoroughly once a month, and they often eat from paper plates so that they have to do less washing up and so they can spend more time together.

“It’s not always perfect, and we drop a few balls while juggling other balls, but basically everything balances out,” says the mother.

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