The Daddy-Baby Connection: 5 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Unborn Babies

The best start any dad can give his children in life is to establish a strong bond with them from the very beginning. But the process of bonding with a child in the early weeks can be harder for a dad than for a mom.

One of the reasons dads struggle to bond with their babies is that they’re not sure how to. Yet in spite of their obvious limitations, there are many ways to bond with your baby. By working a few simple practices into the family schedule, you can help a father-to-be experience the joys of pregnancy right along with you while building a healthier, happier environment for your baby.

  1. Talk to your baby

After 23 weeks, your baby can hear well and identify your voice if you have been talking to him or her consistently. So go ahead and tell your child about your aspirations to be the best parent he’s ever had. Talk about your dreams and share your life plans with your little one. You will never find a more patient or attentive listener. If you talk to the baby on a daily basis, the baby will recognize your voice in addition to its mother’s. You may be surprised to see that your baby kicks around enthusiastically after hearing your voice.

  1. Pamper your spouse

No one knows the baby as well as its mother. When the baby is in the uterus, the connection between the mother and child is beyond conscious thoughts. So go ahead and pamper your loved one. Her emotions have a direct effect on your child. Pamper her like there is no tomorrow and make her feel nurtured.

  1. Play music and reading to the baby

Children can understand the rhythm of the heartbeat of their mother. They are also aware of the sounds outside and can relate to music. So you can play your favorite tracks for your baby at a set time every day and talk to them about it. It will help them associate that music with your voice or presence. You can even try playing the same music after the baby is born to see if it soothes or calms them down.

Reading to your infant is also an excellent method to bond with your child. Make time in your schedule to read aloud. Your baby can hear you and is most likely loving the tone of your voice, the excitement in your breath, and the love in your words.

  1. Accompany your spouse for prenatal visits

Keep track of the growth of your baby and the different milestones by accompanying your wife for all the prenatal check-ups. The first time you hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the infant on the ultrasound will almost certainly make you cry. It will also help you prepare for your baby’s birth because you will have seen each milestone with your partner at each stage. You may also try chatting to the baby during the ultrasound to check whether the baby moves when your voice is heard.

  1. Feel the kicks

The first time you feel your baby kick you is an unforgettable event. You can even try to converse with the baby and see whether he or she reacts by kicking or wiggling. Babies move a lot in the third trimester, and it’s remarkable to witness how active they are. As a dad, it is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.

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