The child born with a different appearance from his parents has made many people feel confused and suspicious.

When a Nigerian  couple saw their newborn daughter for the first time, they couldn’t believe their eyes They sat staring at the girl with white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, unable to believe that this was their own daughter , because both of them were black. Becoming a parent is a miracle, but for this couple, they are extremely confusing. This is also proof that strange things can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

That is the story of Angela and her husband, Ben Ihegboro, originally from Nigeria, who immigrated to London, England. This couple has given birth to 2 children who are black like their parents. After that, Angela continued to be pregnant with her third child, a baby girl.

In 2010, her daughter Angela and Mr. Ben were born to everyone’s surprise. The first time they saw their daughter, Ms. Angela and Mr. Ben were speechless and almost couldn’t believe it was their own.

The couple named their daughter Nmachi. Unlike her first two children, baby girl Nmachi was born with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, in stark contrast to the others’ dark skin, black hair and black eyes. in the family.

But at that time, Angela still loved her daughter very much despite the difference. The mother shared: “She is very beautiful, a miracle baby.”

Ms. Angela and her husband Ben could not understand what was happening. After that, there were a few rumors that Angela might have an affair with a white man, then bring the child back to “fill the shell” for Mr. Ben. However, Mr. Ben was quick to deny this.

Ben said: “Of course she is my baby. My wife is very honest with me. Even if she lied, she wouldn’t look like that.”

The story of black parents giving birth to a white child has shocked th world for a while. While Angela and her husband Ben believe this is a “miracle miracle”, medical experts and genetic scientists have begun searching for a plausible explanation to see how this happened. this can happen.

Then, there are 3 most reasonable hypotheses put forward. First, experts suggested that the Nmachi baby girl could be the result of a single, extremely rare genetic mutation. If this is true, baby Nmachi will likely pass on his genes to his descendants and they will also have fair skin and blonde hair.

The second theory is that the girl Nmachi is the product of a hidden white gene inside and passed down by her parents. The family of one of them, Angela and Mr. Ben, may have carried this gene from their ancestors without even knowing it, because the gene was never present until the baby Nmachi’s life.

Finally, the third theory to explain the difference in appearance of baby Nmachi may be due to the fact that she has albinism. Experts believe that baby Nmachi may not be a completely albino patient but only has some mutated version of albino. If this is true, baby Nmachi’s skin color may darken over time. According to the BBC, albinism can persist in the genes for generations and it is not a rare condition in Nigeria.

But whatever the reason, for Angela and her husband Ben, baby Nmachi is still a miracle. Both were extremely happy to see their daughter born healthy.

Brother Ben said: “ She doesn’t look like an albino child, unlike anything I’ve seen in Nigeria or in books. She looks like a healthy, young , white child.”


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