The Beauty Of Motherhood In The 15 Pictures Of Michaela Noroc

The bond between mother and child is the strongest and strongest. Mothers play a key role in the lives of children, going through the best and most difficult stages with them.

Mihaela Noroc is a photographer from Romania who travels the world capturing images of women with children in their culture. She shows not only female beauty, but also unconditional maternal love. See more of the photographer’s best work in our collection.

Michaela Noroc has visited more than fifty countries. She managed to capture emotional moments in the lives of mothers of different nationalities in photographs. The special tenderness that exists between mother and child flows from these warm pictures. What could be stronger than this connection? Feel the beautiful magic of motherly love as you view footage from a talented Romanian photographer.

Japan, Tokyo. Shiori with her 7-month-old daughter Kanade

Romania, Bucharest. Carmen with her two daughters, Ranya and Zara

Peru, Andes. Juliana with her son Alex


India, Mumbai

Italy. Ballerina Katerina with her mother Barbara

Ethiopia, Bahir Dar. A mother and her son

Iran, Tehran. Leila with her son Batin

Moldova, Kishinev. Ina with a month old baby

Australia. A talented artist and a caring mother with her baby

Germany Berlin

Nepal, Kathmandu. Upasha with her daughter Prainha

India, Kolkata. Tabassum moved from Bangladesh, hoping to give a better life to her daughter

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Rachel is resting after a working day

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Mother and daughters

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