The Baby Pees In The Family Photo Session And Gets The Funniest And Most Natural Image Of All

A nice way to remember the change that the arrival of a new baby brings to a family is to do a photo session with a professional photographer. In this way, you get almost perfect photos in which everyone poses, smiles, or makes gestures of love and affection towards the baby.

However, there are many who think that precisely for this reason, they are photos that lack a bit of naturalness, which after all is the true memory: a photo of real life. Real and natural, like what the baby featured in this photo shoot achieved in one of the images by peeing and surprising everyone.

The baby is the couple’s third child, so it’s not something they were unaware of: when you take off a baby’s clothes, they are most likely to pee. And obviously, it’s also not something that Abbey Rogers, the photographer, doesn’t know about, because it happens to her all the time. The difference in this case is that she normally doesn’t catch the moment, but this time she was focused and just waiting for it to happen.

Mom’s face says it all, and dad’s too, visibly amused. The other photos of the session, you see, are beautiful, but this one is special, different and, as we say, natural and funny.

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