The 22-Year-Old Mother, Who Had Six Children In Three Years, Shares Beautiful Photos Of Her Nest Full Of Love

Two years ago, Chloe Dastnan and her husband faced a very difficult choice: to accept the premature birth of the triplet  they were waiting for, with all the ʀɪsᴋs involved, or give up one to be sure to save two. Finally, hey decided to keep all three children. The babies were born at 28 weeks and, luckily, everything went well.

Now, their mom Chloe, who updates a delightful photo blog called Chloeandbeans, keeps us up to date on the growth of all of her children and how this large family fares. It’s a special family with 6 children including a triplet. So here is a roundup of photos of this family, where you certainly won’t get bored.

One twin each…

Three new bundles of joy

The proud parents together

A “small” family of 8

What secret is he revealing to his little sister, I wonder

All the little seeds together

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