Surprise! These Two Women Are Both Pregnant And They Are Only 4 Weeks Apart

Chontel Duncan’s pregnancy has become a viral phenomenon that even the most notable media outlets have echoed. It all started when our protagonist uploaded a pregnant photo of her and a friend of hers to Instagram.

In that image, Chontel was in her twenty-first week of pregnancy and her friend was only four weeks older than her. Chontel decided to upload the photo to show how different pregnancy can be between one woman and another. To one side – a barely noticeable tummy. On the other hand, a more than obvious pregnant belly:

“Each woman carries the pregnancy differently and this does not mean that one is doing things wrong or is unhealthy. We are both expecting children who are growing up healthy and so far we are both having wonderful pregnancies, feeling great and full of energy.”

Six months after that image, already with their children in their arms, the two women decided to repeat the same photo and share it with all their followers on social networks. The before-and-after effect has also multiplied the expectation of the photo on the networks.

Chontel, a former model and contender for the Miss Universe title from Australia, is a fan of social media, where she often shares plenty of fitness and lifestyle tips as well as exercise routines.

However, her constant sports activity during the pregnancy, which she has been religiously documenting through Instagram, has not been without criticism either. However, the young woman herself has always made it quite clear that everything she did with her was being supervised by her doctor to ensure the well-being of her baby. “I respect my body, I am disciplined, and I care about my health,” she declared in one of her photos.

Week by week, Chontel documented the transition of her body during the pregnancy. Here we can see her when she was 16 weeks.

37 weeks pregnant

Despite criticism for her continued physical activity during pregnancy, she and Sam, her husband, had a beautiful boy for whom they feel infinite love, which is also perceived on the networks.

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