Stunning Photos Capture The Special Moments Of Twins’ Birth

The wonderful photos of Monet Nicole

Monet Nicole is a professional maternity photographer, and we’ve shared pieces of her work that we’ve admired many times. The photographer has many years of experience and has attended hundreds of births.

She believes that childbirth is a unique, special experience that changes every woman who experiences it, and through her photos, she not only wants to record the moments but also highlight the raw beauty of childbirth.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Monet Nicole (@monetnicolebirths) chia sẻ

Monet posts on her profile pictures of births at home or in the maternity hospital, natural births, c-sections, and water births. Her Instagram profile is full of photos of inspiring and moving mom stories. It is no coincidence that her followers exceed 159,000.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Monet Nicole (@monetnicolebirths) chia sẻ

The birth of twins through photos

Recently, the photographer shared another impressive series of photos. A mother gave birth to her twin babies in the maternity hospital with a normal delivery and with those she wanted by her side. Monet was there and captured the special moments in her own special way.

In her post, she wrote:

“Oh twin magic. In most places in the US, the only option for twin birth (with a provider) is in the hospital. I DO believe folks deserve more options when it comes to twin births. There are many lower risk twin pregnancies that could take place out of hospital (and we see this happen in several states across the country). But what happens when your state doesn’t offer homebirth? You advocate for your birth and your babies.

This beautiful mom had her twins in the hospital but she knew she wanted her birth to be as hands-off as possible. She carried her babes to full term. She labored in whatever position felt best to her. She asked for her mom, doula, birth photographer, and partner to be present in the OR. She pushed when she felt ready, and she didn’t get an epidural (a common request by providers for twin births). She even asked that her midwife catch her baby (instead of the OB).

It was powerful, beautiful, and a reminder of how we can and should advocate when we step through hospital doors.”

See the photos taken by Monet Nicole in the gallery below.

Mom holds her belly just before giving birth to her twin babies.

Mom with her partner always by her side.

The couple in waiting.

The moment one of the twins comes into the world.

Seconds later, the second one follows.

Mom holds her twin babies in her arms.

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