She Has Her First Child At 40 And Her Second At 45: “It’s Not Easy, But I Look At Them And I Feel Lucky”

Many people, when they meet their ideal partner, decide to start a family and have a child. However, it doesn’t always happen at a specific time and sometimes happens at an age that could be considered biologically advanced . But is this really the case?

Discoveries and innovations in the medical field have accustomed us, year after year, to so many possibilities of successfully having a child at any age, so we should not despair if we think about it only after 40 years. . An example of this situation is the experience of the woman in this story, who had two children after this threshold.

Jessica Delfino is a journalist, actress and musician who wanted to tell her story to encourage many women who think they are putting aside the idea of ​​becoming mothers just because of age-related factors. We often hear that to bring a child into the world, it is always better to think about it when you are younger, so as not to encounter complications or problems of all kinds. However, this notion is quite subjective and, when one reaches 40, one has not necessarily “passed the time”.

” I had my first child at 40 ,” the woman says, “it wasn’t a voluntary choice, I just met my partner at 31 and we gave each other time to get to know each other and also to have some emotional and economic stability before expanding the family.”

After the baby was born, the new mum had a few moments of weakness, but then she pulled herself together and, together with her partner, also chose to have a second child.

“I took several tests before trying,” she says. “Some doctors recommended in vitro fertilization, but I wanted to try it naturally. We tried several times and it was only after three years, at the age of 45, that I got pregnant again. I was breathing joy, but at the same time, I didn’t feel sure of myself. I didn’t know if it was going to be good or not, if problems were going to arise and it was not easy”.

But fortunately the pregnancy went very well and Jessica, at 46, has two beautiful children. Talking about her experience has been a way to give courage and hope to women who don’t feel capable just because they’re over 40. As she tried to figure out whether or not she should go in this direction, she kept reading articles about unhappy people giving up, giving up, even being criticized for going “too late” .

But who can say when this is really the case? Of course, you have to do checks, talk to a specialist and determine together if it’s possible or not, but giving up a priori is never the best choice. Do you agree, or do you think it’s a mistake?

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